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The Soviets began dismantling their launchers the very next day. The operation was completed on 9 November.

But there still was some cause for tension: Kennedy had insisted that the Soviet Il-28 bombers given to Cuba be removed too.

Angered because he had been kept out of the negotiations by his Soviet allies, Castro refused to submit. It took him 22 days to come around, during which time US nuclear forces remained on alert.

On 21 November, the Ilyushin bombers were taken back to the Soviet Union and the quarantine was over.

The epilogue came only 30 years later, in 1993, when the last Combat Brigade troops sent to Cuba during Operation Anadyr were withdrawn from Cuba.

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On Saturday, 28 October 1962, Nikita Khrushchev addressed the Supreme Soviet: "We must withdraw in front of the danger of a global thermonuclear war"


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